This page is for Golden Tan Boots from Chippewa in leather and canvas.  Some are made in the United States and some are made overseas including the 24513 and 24514 pictured on row one.  We had a funny experience with these 2 boots when we first listed them.  The are just alike except for the outsoles.  One is smooth and the other one is a lug sole.  Someone ordered one pair of these boots and got the wrong sole.  We paid to have it shipped back and reordered them the correct boot with the sole they wanted.  I went to my web site and changed the numbers to reflect the correct outsole.  The very next person that ordered got the wrong sole again.  So we made it good again and I went to my Chippewa catalog to get the definitave answer on which sole went with which boot.  I changed the number back to the original.  The next person who ordered got the wrong sole again.  So this time I called Chippewa to find out which sole went with which boot.  I found out the Chippewa boot catalog was wrong and had those two soles reversed.  So I changed my web site again to get it correct.  To further complicate matters it seems somebody in the Chippewa warehouse had heard about the catalog pictures being wrong so he had his crew pull all the boxes of boots in the warehouse and open them up and swap all the boots in the boxes.  We think those problems are behind us now.  You will notice that I have smooth sole and lug sole in bold on each piar of boots to try to keep it straight.  We also have the made in USA boots clearly marked for those of us who prefer buying "American" whenever we can.  Happy boot hunting.

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Chippewa Artic Boot 25466

Chippewa 25466

9"  Men's Golden Tan Artic

Waterproof / Insulated


Free Shipping


Men's smooth sole Boot 24513 Waterproof and insulated tan leather

Chippewa 24513

6" Tan Smooth Sole

Waterproof / Insulated


Free Shipping


Men's six inch Golden tan lug sole 24514 Chippewa Boot - Smooth sole version of this boot also available - Pay attention to the pictures 

Chippewa 24514

6" Tan Lug Sole  

Waterproof / Insulated


Free Shipping






Men's Golden Tan nubuc eight inch lace-up with plain toe injected construction brushed nylex lining polyurethane orthotic insole vibram honey lug yellow plug outsole 400 grams thinsulate insulation - Chippewa Boots 24950

Chippewa 24950

Men's  8" Golden Tan

Soft Toe / Insulated with 400 Grams Thinsulate


Free Shipping


Chippewa Lug Sole 24951 

Chippewa 24951

Men's  8" Golden Tan

Insulated Soft Toe -  Waterproof Lug Sole


Free Shipping

Golden Tan Smooth Sole 24952

Chippewa 24952

Men's  8" Golden Tan 

 Insulated and Flat Apollo Sole


Free Shipping





Ten inch men's packer boot with crazy horse leather maybe mad cow too 29405

Chippewa 29405

10" Bay/Golden Crazy Horse Packer


Handcrafted in USA   $255.95

Free Shipping


Overseas made steel toe logger in nubuc leather 73040 insulated

Chippewa 73040

8" Golden Tan Logger

  Steel Toe Insulated 

Best Seller ---$209.95

Free Shipping

Men's 9 inch Golden Bay waterproof super logger with 400 grams insulation and Made in USA Chippewa 25415

Chippewa 25415

9" Golden Bay Waterproof

400 Gram Thinsulate 

Handcrafted in USA --- $279.95

Free Shipping











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